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Representing the latest and most modern development in firefighting gloves
in recent years, the FX MAX Glove uses PBI MAX - the strongest and most
flexible outer shell fabric in the world.
A unique solution to firefighter hand protection, FX MAX Gloves feature
pre-curved fingers and hand shape offering unmatched dexterity and fit
whilst delivering extremely high levels of protection against radiant and
contact heat, mechanical protection and cut / abrasion resistance.
The FX MAX Gloves, thanks to their construction from PBI MAX which
has three times the filament rip stopping power of other fabrics, offers the
firefighter an ideal replacement to leather gloves.
FX MAX Gloves avoid the stretching associated with leather as well as the
danger of rapid shrinkage in high heat.
Finger tips, inner fingers and palm areas are protected with high strength
silicone coated Kevlar reinforcement to further enhance the FX MAX
performance during firefighting.
A significant advantage of the FX MAX Glove is the fact that it can be

laundered along with the rest of the turnout gear.

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